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The mission of the Partnership Community Outreach Program (PCOP) is to promote access to cancer screening and treatment, improve quality of care, and to encourage and support health behaviors which enhance the quality of life for diverse underserved communities in our local area. PCOP is working to establish, strengthen, support and sustain relationships with key segments of the community in order to define and address priorities and concerns about cancer health disparities.

The specific goals of the PCOP are:

  • Provide the community an opportunity to share cancer health needs and obtain access to guidance and technical assistance from CCNY and MSK faculty and staff.
  • Implement innovative community initiatives which are tailored and targeted to the needs of specific neighborhoods and populations; these approaches will measure cancer prevention and control strategies developed from community identified concerns and faculty interests.
  • Increase awareness about cancer health disparities and available resources to speak to these needs to community organizations and individuals with an interest in improving community health and well-being.

To learn more about PCOP, please contact Jeralyn Cortez-Weir, Community Outreach Coordinator, at PCOP@mskcc.org or 646-888-0082.