Courtesy of Gig Mageras, Michael Grossberg and Yu-chi Hu fig2 Courtesy of Ronald Koder and Alan Houghtonfig3 Hu, Y-C, Grossberg, M.D., Mageras, G.S.. Semi-automatic medical image segmentation with adaptive local statistics in Conditional Random Fields framework. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2008; 2008:3099-102.


The Partnership develops and supports collaborative research projects between CCNY and MSK investigators. The overall objectives of these research collaborations are twofold: to bring cancer research projects, primarily being conducted at MSK, to more racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse populations; and to encourage scientists at CCNY to expand their work and engage in cancer-related research. This approach builds on the strengths of the two institutions and addresses cancer health disparities in two ways.

Currently, the Partnership funds collaborative studies in health disparities, biomedical engineering research, and imaging. Call for proposals occur once a year starting in the fall.  If you are a CCNY or MSK investigator who would like more information on research partnerships, please contact Thomas Reynolds at or 646-888-0120.

Below is a listing of our current projects. Please click here to see our previously funded projects.

If you would like to learn more about the Partnership’s research program, please contact Julie Kumar, Clinical Research Manager, at

Full Project

Preclinical Evaluation, Clinical Trial Preparation and a Prospective Clinical Trial of
Intraoperative Real-time Tissue Oxygenation Monitoring by Wireless Pulse Oximetry (WiPOX)

CCNY PI: Bikson, M.
MSK PI: Adusumilli, P.

Pilot Project

Developing an Accurate and Reliable Method for Tumor Motion Using Real-time Optical
Surface Imaging

CCNY PI: Wei, J.
MSK PI: Li, G.

Administrative Supplement

Community-Engaged Research on HIV/AIDSRelated Cancers among Diverse Racial/Ethnic and Underserved Polulations
CCNY PI: Lubetkin, E.
MSK PI: Burkhalter, J.